David Mortimer, General Manager

Hannah Carter, Music Director

Welcome to Cuckfield Music Festival 2019! Mid Sussex is a music-loving area, full of people who play or sing at a variety of levels but always with enthusiasm. There are even more who simply enjoy listening to the performances of others, whether professional or amateur.

A great many musical events, big and small, take place around the county on an almost non-stop basis, but too often it seems that many of them are under-promoted. If word of mouth fails to make its mark, they miss out on an audience of the size they might have had and probably deserved.

So the Cuckfield Music Festival is an attempt to create a nine-day concentration of music that attracts attention through its diversity of local and international talent and flavour. In this brochure you’ll find everything from the classical orchestra to the big jazz showband, from chamber music to jazz trio, from Greek folk music to the youngsters of Rising Stars! from a capella to choral singing, from individual piano recital to a talk on Music in Painting. Something for nearly everyone in fact! Do join in and support all there is to enjoy between the 15th and 23rd June.