David Mortimer, General Manager

Hannah Carter, Music Director

David Underwood, Treasurer

David Spear

James Landucci-Harmey

Following the success of the 2nd Cuckfield Music Festival in June 2021, discussions are now under way about the size, content and frequency of future Festivals. Should they remain in the shorter format that was forced on us by the covid restrictions (six performances over four days) and become an annual event? Or should they revert to the larger 2019 format of nine or ten events over eight days and stick to the original biennial concept? We aim to email a quarterly newsletter to our supporters, and your views would be most welcome via info@cuckfieldmusicfest.co.uk

The Cuckfield Music Festival has now been registered as a Community Interest Company (CiC). The main reason for this is that if, at some future time and for reasons not currently foreseeable, it was unable to carry on, any surplus funds would be passed on to the benefit of music in Cuckfield. The CiC has a committee of four. Hannah Carter and David Mortimer continue as Music and General Manager respectively, together with David Underwood, David Spear and James Landucci-Harmey.










David Underwood is the Treasurer for the Cuckfield Music Festival. He is now retired but allegedly 40 years in banking qualifies him for this role.









 David Spear performed in the 2019 Music Festival with his acapella group ‘No Strings Attached’ and greatly enjoyed all the other acts he saw. His music tastes are wide, and he sings from Mozart to Simon & Garfunkel, and from sacred music through to light rock. After working here at Cuckfield Hospital (years ago) he decided that this is the place for him to live. David is thrilled to be involved with this years festival.






James’ involvement with the Cuckfield Music Festival came about through playing with the Reza Community Orchestra. In this orchestra he plays the viola and is a member of its committee. After a break from playing the viola when he left university, James took up lessons again in 2016 when his two daughters started learning the violin. 
He also plays the viola with the Sussex Symphony Orchestra (SSO). He is currently the Secretary of the SSO and was it’s Orchestral Manager for 2 years. James’ role with the Trustees is advising on tax and accountancy issues, as his day job is that of a Chartered Certified Accountant.