Saturday 15th June, 7.30pm

Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield

£15 per person, Under 18s £5

Booking opens 15 April

Now in its 48th year, and with only its fourth resident Musical Director (Steve Dummer), the Horsham Symphony Orchestra excites a tidal wave of ecstatic reviews for its performances. Typical is the conclusion of one from November 2018: “I can only offer my greatest congratulations to HSO for such a varied and fantastic evening. It’s safe to say we’re all excited to see and hear what they do next.” The Cuckfield Music Festival is one of the events “they do next” and under the leadership of the versatile and enthusiastic Steve Dummer we’re bound to be in for a treat as they open the Festival on 15th June.

Ensemble Reza aims to take chamber music of the highest quality to audiences in cities towns and villages, and the quality bar is set very high. Its members wear many hats, both as solo performers in their own right and, particularly, in their work as founder members and mentors of the Reza Community Orchestra. The Ensemble has performed with the HSO on several occasions.