Music Maestro Please!

Join us for the 3rd Cuckfield Music Festival which aims to bring world-class musicians to Mid-Sussex allowing you to enjoy a variety of musical genres on your doorstep.

So whether your taste is choral, orchestral, classical, operatic, jazz, brass or modern and popular music, there is sure to be something for you. And we are aiming to put a strong emphasis on young talent, from performers still at school as well as those recently graduated from leading music colleges and taking their first steps into the professional world.

Put the dates in your diary, watch out for further newsletters, encourage your friends and family to sign up to our mailing list and in the meantime…..


The first performance we can announce is the afternoon concert on Sunday 19th June. It is a return visit by the acclaimed Kingfisher Chorale. After success in the BBC Choir of the Year competition, the choir has performed all over the country and released a number of CDs. Its wide repertoire covers works from the mediaeval period to new commissions and world premieres.

For a taste of the Kingfisher sound click on the youtube link above.


…not just anybody (with apologies to Lennon and McCartney). The new Trustees of Cuckfield Music Festival are looking for someone to act as Secretary. It won’t be an arduous role (not a Hard Days Night) but it is an important one. Ideally you will have had some experience of working with a registered charity. So Please Please Me and get in touch

5 quick questions for you. Answers are below.

  1. ‘Woman is fickle’ is the approximate translation of the title of which famous Verdi aria?
  2. In musical terms, what do ‘A Night At The Opera’ and ‘A Day At The Races’ have in common?
  3. What northern UK city gives its name to a ‘school’ of British musicians of which Peter Maxwell Davies, Harrison Birtwistle and John Ogdon were members?
  4. Why is a Russian Bassoon a misleading name for a musical instrument
  5. What genre of music is associated with Charles Mingus?


Cuckfield Music Festival is in the process of changing to Charity status as this will enable us to use surplus funds to the benefit of furthering the performance and enjoyment of music in the area.


  1. ‘La donna é mobile’ (from ‘Rigoletto’)
  2. They were consecutive album releases by Queen
  3. Manchester
  4. It isn’t a bassoon but a bass horn and it’s not Russian but French!
  5. Jazz – and watch out for news of the Mingus Underground in a future newsletter.